Previewing "She-Hulk" Volume 2, #1

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The surprise hit from last year is back with She-Hulk Vol.2 #1. She-Hulk has once again picked up her briefcase in an attempt to bring law and order to the Marvel Universe in one off-the-wall adventure after another.

See why Ain't it Cool News says, "She-Hulk is the best comic Marvel publishes today."

"This is a book for people who LOVE the Marvel Universe," reveals writer Dan Slott. "I'm talking LOVE with a capital 'L'! Someone ever say to you, 'Well, if you Love the Marvel Universe so much-- why don'tcha marry it?' Well? She-Hulk is the book for YOU!"

In She-Hulk Vol.2 #1, Jennifer Walters deals with even more bizarre legal problems amidst a bevy of guest-stars.

The first one is none other than Hawkeye and no, it is not a hoax or a dream. It's the one, true Clint Barton. And Hawkeye is far from the only guest-star in this sensational first issue as the New Avengers and Cassie Lang (Titan from Young Avengers) also make an appearance.

"Just try to find a more PACKED comic than SHE-HULK," dares Slott. "You get drama, comedy, action, and adventure! Three-part, two-part, and done-in-one stories! And all the Marvel U. guest stars and old-school continuity we can cram in-- and still have room left for the staples!"

In She-Hulk Vol.2 #1, the first issue of a new monthly ongoing series, Hawkeye's fate is somehow tied into Jen's latest case. So just why is he giving She-Hulk a hard time?

"Buy this monthly comic, and we'll give you a month's worth of entertainment!" says Slott. "You've heard the buzz about She-Hulk. Now is the perfect time to pick it up!"

She-Hulk is also reaching her 100th issue milestone in the coming months. She-Hulk #100 will be a monster-sized anniversary issue with 100 pages of all-new stories and savage reprints that you don't want to miss.

SHE-HULK 2 #1 (AUG051888)

Written by DAN SLOTT

Penciled by JUAN BOBILLO

Cover by GREG HORN


FOC – 9/29, On Sale – 10/19/2005

[Editor's Note: For more with Slott, see our interview with the writer from December of 2004.

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