Previewing May's "Bluff" #2 from Narwain

Last month we told you about the new Narwain series "Bluff." Today, Narwain has provided CBR News with a five page preview of the May shipping "Bluff" #2.


Intended Audience: All ages

Format: comic book sized; 32pgs, color

Retail Price: $3.49 US, $4.10 Canadian

Ship Date: May 2006

UPC Code: 856231001510

ISBN: 88-6015-040-X

Creators' Names: Giovanni Masi, writer; Yoshiko Watanabe, penciler/inker; Arcana Studio, color; Yoshiko Watanabe, cover


After winning $22 million in the lottery, the Porters are in the seventh heaven. They move to New York and they start fulfilling all their wishes....but the family breaks up: Tom, the little baby, is nursed by a lot of nannies. By the other side Bluff is powerless and in the end it's turned out of the house. Bluff is a stray dog now but this seems not to ruffle the dog and his friend, the tiny flea that lives in his fur, until they will meet Tom . At this point they have to do something...and NY won't never be the same.

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