Previewing Image's "The Portent" #3

Creator Peter Bergting and Image Comics have provided CBR News with a preview of the June shipping "The Portent" #3, part of a four-issue mini-series. We spoke with Bergting last November about the series. Find below four, exclusive pages from issue #3 along with the solicitation text. Simply click to enlarge.

Bergting, a sweedish native, wanted CBR to note that the dialogue isn't 100% finished and he encourages reader feedback on it since English isn't his first language. You can talk with Peter here on CBR's Image Comics Forum.

As for where this preview fits in the story, Bergting said, "We are dropped into the story at page 16. Milo and Lin have just finished a short battle with the Kharpiya demons and take shelter with some old 'friends' (Tama and Nigi from issue 1). Some background information not mentioned anywhere in the book is that Tama and Nigi's wallpaper is all made out of old scrolls and prayers to keep other spirits out."

THE PORTENT #3 (of 4)


art & cover by PETER BERGTING

June 28 o 32 pg o FC o $2.99

The light fades. It's time to leave the world of the living behind. Traveling through the ghost of the world that was once their home, Lin and Milo must find the road to the spirit realm. Can they gather the strength necessary to defeat the horrors that await on the other side? The answer will surprise you.

Previews Catalog #: APR061794

Shipping Date: June 28

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