Previewing Image Comics' "Mora" #2

Last November we told you about the new Image Comics series "Mora" by Paul Harmon. A week from Wednesday the second issue of that series sees release. Image Comics and Harmon have provided CBR News with a six-page preview of the April 6th shipping title. We also have a first look for you at the cover to issue #4 to your left. The solicitation information is below followed by the preveiw.


On sale 04.06


bi-monthly ongoing series

black & white

32 pages

written by PAUL HARMON

art & cover by PAUL HARMON


The witching hour is upon us. Just below the surface of a city where "dangerous" is putting it very mildly and "dark forces" would only hint at the truth, something very bad is happening. Is it witch's work or other? If Mora can survive her encounter with the cursed Owlen-man, she may live long enough to see something truly sinister.

pMORA is ™ and © Paul Harmon, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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