Previewing Brian Pulido's "UnHoly"

Last June, CBR News told you about comic creator Brian Pulido's plans to launch four new horror titles with Avatar. One of those books, "UnHoly," comes out this Wednesday and Avatar has provided CBR News with a seven-page preview of that book. "Unholy" is set in the seediest parts of modern day Detroit, about a non-believer, rebellious teen named Penny. After Penny is murdered, she's "drafted" by God to be His assassin. As a fallen angel, she finds herself caught in a shadow war waged on city streets, in plain clothes, between Heaven and Hell. Her only allies are a hard-as-nails dominatrix named Victoria Black, an ex-mod hit man named Scalzo and an alcoholic priest named O'Connor. With friends like these, indeed.

"I want to make an over-the-top, blasphemous, big budget action film on paper. That's why I created 'UnHoly,'" Pulido told CBR News last June. "Big budget films have squeaky clean heroes. I want to find out what happens when the person you least expect is given the hero's role.

"For 'UnHoly,' I knew right away I wanted to set it in a present day city. I've visited Detroit quite a few times. It is a tough town and fit the tone of the series.

"I suggest this series for lapsed Catholics," added Pulido.

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