PREVIEW: X-Men: Evolution #1

Devin Grayson (W)/Udon Studios (a)

o THE SCOOP: The hit WB cartoon -- beginning its second smash season -- is now a brand-new comic book!

o THE SET-UP: You've seen the X-Men: Evolution animated series... but do you know what happened before the show began? Marvel kicks off a new all-ages title based on the popular program -- and begins with a story that reveals the events before the first episode!

o THE STORY: Before the X-Men, before the Xavier Institute, before the rivalry, there were two men with very different visions. Before the code names, before the secret identities, before the world learned to hate and fear mutants, there was a young woman whose most dangerous weapon was her mind. Before costumes, before the training, and before anyone had ever heard of "adamantium," there was a frightened amnesiac searching for the truth. Now, the lives of Professor X, Magneto, Storm, and Wolverine collide as the world stands on the brink of genetic war. How do two best friends become arch-enemies? How does a goddess from Africa find her place in the world? How does a man without a past decide mankind's future? All heroes start with power and ambition they must learn to control. All villains start with ideas they believe to be just. And all great legends begin with "once upon a time..." X-MEN: EVOLUTION -- In the beginning, there was X!

o THE CREATORS: Written by Devin Grayson (BLACK WIDOW, GHOST RIDER), and drawn in an awesome animated style by Udon Studios (Last Call).

o THE FORMAT: The debut issue of this ongoing, monthly series is 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05203-5-00111 2.25

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