PREVIEW: "Worry Doll"

Official Press Release

"Worry Doll" is a stylish, gothic-noir, Lynchian murder-mystery, this story is disguised as a children's book. Tasmanian writer/illustrator Matt Coyle has already received major newspaper coverage for this work in Australia, with art exhibitions arranged for early 2007, and interest from film and TV companies. The book features astonishing, disturbing hand- crafted photo-realistic black-and-white sequential art reminiscent of Gaiman and McKean's "Violent Cases."

From Mam Tor's Liam Sharpe: "Seriously, this work amazes me. It's all hand drawn - sometimes taking up to a month a page - with no photoshop trickery. If you like David Lynch, or Gaiman and McKean's Violent Cases, then this is the must-have book for you this year."

Mature Readers

Original Graphic Novel / 76 Pages, B/W Art

Price: $17.95

ISBN: 09549998-3-5

Release Date: February 2007

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