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Brrrrr! Today Jack Frost blew into New York City and had everyone at Marvel huddling around Ralph Macchio's space heater! Which reminded editor Mike Marts of the cool piece of art that he recently received from the EXILES art team of Mike McKone and Mark McKenna! It will grace the cover to WOLVERINE #170, which hits the stands on November 28th and kicks off the three-parter dubbed "Stay Alive!"

Here's a JPEG of the cover and the solicit info. Enjoy!

[Wolverine #170]WOLVERINE #170Cover by Mike McKone & Mark McKennaFrank Tieri (W)/Sean Chen (P)/Norm Rapmund (I)* THE SCOOP: It's part 1 of "Stay Alive!"* THE STORY: The most shocking new villain of WOLVERINE returns! The flesh-eating fiend named Mauvais is back and he's out for blood... lots of blood! The last time Logan tussled with this French freak he lost an eye... so what could he be after this time?! And what's he doing on the set of the reality TV show called Stay Alive? A brand-new story arc kicks off here from writer Frank Tieri and penciler Sean Chen!* THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. On Sale Nov. 28th (MarvelPG) $2.25

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