PREVIEW: Witness Kyle Rayner's Final Fate in "Omega Men"

As part of the promotional push for its post-New 52 publishing line, this week DC Comics kicks off a new initiative which finds its post-"Convergence" titles previewed through all-new 8-page stories. Each tale offers readers a glimpse of what's to come when new series launch and many existing ones are revamped in June, but Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda's "Omega Men" kicks off with one of the biggest bangs.

The story, which was just released online, follows through with the first issue's solicitation copy's promise, with the Omega Men apparently killing Kyle Rayner, the universe's sole White Lantern and DC's former primary Green Lantern, on camera.

The entire tale is available below; "Omega Men" #1 arrives on June 3.

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