PREVIEW: Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith's "Fell" #3

Image Comics has provided CBR News with a four page preview from next Wednesday's "Fell" #3 by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith. Click the images blow to enlarge. The solicitation copy for this issue reads:


written by WARREN ELLIS

art & cover by BEN TEMPLESMITH

Another self-contained story from Snowtown, the feral city and police detective Richard Fell, injured so often in the first few weeks of his tour of duty there that he no longer owns work clothes without knife-slashes in them. Shopping's a pretty heartbreaking exercise in a place as broken as Snowtown. But it's easy to make bombs. And, sitting in a thrift store changing room in Snowtown, is a guy wearing a bomb and just waiting for an excuse to set it off...

November 9 o 24 pg o FC o $1.99

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