PREVIEW: Ultimate Spider-Man #12

Coming this week from Marvel Comics.

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Ultimate Spider-Man #12

Cover by Mark Bagley Brian Michael Bendis/Mark Bagley/Art Thibert

o THE SCOOP: The conclusion to ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN's first all-new story arc! o THE STORY: Our teen sensation wants a rematch with the Kingpin -- but to get it, he'll have to go through Wilson Fisk's henchmen: Electro and the Enforcers!

o THE BUZZ: "The best thing about this series is the sense of Peter Parker's inexperience. He's new at this game... his exuberance, tempered with a constant sense of 'What the hell am I doing?' captures the feel of a teenage super hero better than any other book on the market." -IGN.com

o THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05031-4-01211 2.50

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