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Marvel has a history of villains who -- after taking a hard look in themirror -- change their lives by finding redemption in the role of hero. Butwhat about those fiends that look in that cracked mirror... and then smashit with a right cross? That's what writer John Arcudi (The Mask, MajorBummer) and artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Lone Wolf 2100) will explorestarting in February's THUNDERBOLTS #76.

Although the series will star super-villains, don't expect them to have that"Golden Age" glow. This isn't about jailbreaks, bags of cash with big dollarsigns printed on them, or running away while twirling a pencil-thinmustache. Instead, Arcudi and Velasco reveal what happens to thugs who facea future devoid of hope. It's a voyeuristic look at a world of bloody brawlsin abandoned warehouses, the lure of easy money and the desperate smell ofsweaty losers. Following the sadistic story of an underground fight ring,the monthly series asks: if you're trying to do the right thing, do you staybitter in your lousy day job or do you make one last grab for fame... bybusting heads?

"We pick up with our main guy just out of prison, but he can't get his drinkon because his parole officer is on his back," explained editor Andrew Lis."So if that's what you do to relax, what's next? Do you go back to crime? Doyou walk the straight-and-narrow? Or -- when a surprise opportunity rearsits head -- do you reach for that ring?"

"Anyone who read John's work on The Mask (one of the smartest satires of thelast 15 years) or the cult-hit Major Bummer, will love this," continued Lis."As for Francisco's artwork, this guy is... well, just look for yourself!He's getting better with every page!"

THUNDERBOLTS #76 will be available for order in the next edition ofDiamond's Previews catalog. On sale February 19th, the 32-page issue has anInitial Order Cut-Off Date of January 3rd and a Final Order Cut-Off Date ofJanuary 30th. In an effort to provide retailers and readers with an expandedlook at the series' new direction before they have to order, The House isplanning to post a free preview dotComic at Marvel.com on December 18th.

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