PREVIEW: Thor #54

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People often ask me what's the most important Marvel book to read rightnow. A case could be made for THE ULTIMATES, which is changing the way welook at superhumans in widescreen style. Others could point to NEW X-MEN,which has both streamlined and expanded our notion of what the X-Men canbe. Then there's the identity-revealing twists unfolding in DAREDEVIL,CAPTAIN AMERICA and IRON MAN.

But there's one book that, for my money, may just be the most overlookedbook of the bunch: THOR. First writer Dan Jurgens kills Odin. Then hepromotes Thor to ruler of Asgard. And then -- if all of that wasn't enough-- he actually moves the home of the Asgardians directly over New YorkCity! So now, similar to the vibe going on in THE ULTIMATES, you haveworld governments and religious orders both upset and obsessed with theThunder God.

And did you see, in last week's issue, how Thor cut off the arm of hisopponent? I mean, does that sound like the same-old, same-old to you?

Anyway, check out the cover and the first three pages of THOR #54, on saleSeptember 4th, and you'll see that this is one book that guarantees theunexpected!

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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