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If you thought the death of Odin turned the Thunder God's life upside-down,just wait until you see what happens in next week's THOR #50! And not onlydoes this 64-page issue feature a history-making lead story illustrated byTom Raney all in splash pages, but it also features the first Marvel work bywriter Jose Armenta and artist Deon Nuckols -- the two underdogs that wonlast year's New Talent Search!

THOR #50

Cover by Tom Raney

Dan Jurgens (w)/Tom Raney (p)/Scott Hanna (i)

* THE SCOOP: This 64-page anniversary issue features three big stories -- andevents that will change Thor forever! No, really!

* THE STORY: In our lead story, the aftermath of Thor's conflict with Desak,Slayer of Gods, leads the Thunderer to make an awesome proclamation -- oneso huge that this entire story is illustrated by Tom Raney exclusively infull-page images! In our second tale, penciled by Marvel Talent Searchwinner Deon Nuckols, the ramifications of Thor's decision upon the Gods ofAsgard is explored in depth! And finally, Marvel Talent Search winningwriter Jose Armenta and penciler Joe Bennett spin a Tale of Asgard thatreveals the first time Thor was torn between the loyalties of man and theduties of godhood!

* THE FORMAT: 64 pages, with ads.

So if you dig stories that make an impact on Marvel continuity, then grabTHOR #50... and watch history unfold!

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Marketing Communications Manager

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