EXCLUSIVE: The Odinson Misses His Own Party In Thor's Final Issue

King Thor is on the throne, but before Jason Aaron gets to his final story starring Marvel's Odinson, he and artist Mike Del Mundo have to bring their current series to a close.

CBR has the exclusive first look at Thor #16, Aaron and Del Mundo's big finale, and while the pages below may not be action-packed, they tell us a lot about where Thor is as he heads into his and Aaron's final adventure together.

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It turns out, Asgard is throwing a massive celebration in the wake of the recently won War of the Realms, with most of the heavy-hitters in Thor's life involved in the celebration, including his sister Angela, the new Valkyrie, Jane Foster, and Greek demigod and Thor's fellow Avenger Hercules. And yet, Thor is nowhere to be found because he's on Midgard, helping a Christian pastor rebuild his church, using Asgardian wood -- a far cry from the unworthy Thor he recently was.

Check out the preview below, along with the issue's solicitation information, and pick it up in stores next Wednesday, August 28.

THOR #16

  • JASON AARON (W) • MIKE DEL MUNDO (A) • Wraparound Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO
  • Bring on the Bad Guys Variant Cover by TBA
  • Thor has disappeared! That’s all we can say without spoiling the epic, Midgard-shattering conclusion of WAR OF THE REALMS – but trust us, you won’t want to miss this issue, which is the kickoff of Jason Aaron’s final Thor story!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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