Preview: The Troll King

Continuing our-three part preview of Top Shelf's upcoming Swedish Invasion line of graphic novels, today's we're offering a look at The Troll King by Kolbeinn Karlsson. Here's the synopsis from the official page:

A dwarf falls into a river and is taken to a place beyond space and time. A carrot takes a bath and finds itself transforming. Two reclusive mountain men rejoice when their wish for children is granted, but their sons make a terrible discovery. And throughout all these tales, the spirit of the forest walks on… Welcome to the surreal world of The Troll King, by Swedish visionary Kolbeinn Karlsson. It’s a fantastic journey into the wilderness lurking right outside your town, brought to you by comics’ cuddliest Viking.

Sounds like my kind of comic! You can determine if you feel the same by checking out the preview after the jump.

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