<b>PREVIEW: 'The Path' #22, features art by Comic Book Idol winner</b>

Official Press Release

Months ago, Patrick Scherberger rose above a legion of competitors to becomethe first ever "Comic Book Idol." One reward for winningComicBookResources.com's contest -- in addition to having industry pros (andthousands of fans) view his work -- was the opportunity to illustrate ashort story for publication in a CrossGen comic book...and Patrick's timehas come!

Written by Ron Marz (who also helped judge the competition), inked by JasonKeith & Dave Lanphear, and colored by Wil Quintana, the six-page storyoffered Scherberger the chance to deliver clear storytelling, big widescreenvisuals and plenty of characterization...not to mention cool samurai stuff!

And if you're looking for more samurai action, the lead story (by Marz,artist Mark Pennington and colorist Andrew Crossley) features the secondhalf of the collision between Obo-san and WAY OF THE RAT's Boon & Po Po!

So if you're curious to see who was crowned the first "Comic Book Idol" --and want to be there for the beginning of his career -- pick up THE PATH #22on Feb. 11th!

And don't miss J. Torre's interview with Scherberger and Marz in this week's"Open Your Mouth" column at ComicBookResources.com!

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