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The Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange, and Silver Surfer are cursed to be pulledtogether whenever trouble rears it's ugly head. So these four power-housesdecide to make sure there won't be any more trouble -- by taking over theworld! On February 13th, the creative team of Kurt Busiek, Jo Duffy, andMatt Haley (with cover artist Carlos Pacheco) unleash the imposing quartetin the pages of THE ORDER #1!

"The 'Big Four' Defenders petition Gaea to lift the curse and free them fromits bondage -- and she refuses," explained Busiek. "So, furious beyondreason at the continuing indignity of the curse, The Hulk, Dr. Strange,Silver Surfer, and Namor decide that if they're to be forced to defend theplanet, no matter what it does to their lives and other responsibilities,they're going to do it in the most efficient way possible. They're going torule the Earth. That way, they can keep it running in an orderly andpeaceful manner, keep disruptions to a minimum, and attend to their dutiesas Defenders without destroying their lives as individuals. That's thetheory, at least."

"Naturally, people object -- not just the billions being ruled, but armies,governments, and superheroes, including the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, theAvengers and more," Busiek continued. "But let's face it, these are theDefenders. They include the Sorcerer Supreme of this plane of reality, awielder of the Power Cosmic, the monarch of Atlantis who commands themonsters of the seas and the single mightiest creature ever to walk the faceof the Earth. They may very well be able to take on any and all opposition,and lay them out flat."

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