PREVIEW: "The Innocents"

Official Press Release


(W) David Wohl

(P) Bing Cansino

(Cover) Marc Silvestri

THE INNOCENTS ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL is here!!!! Young, smart and beautiful, Grace Stokes had the perfect life. By a young age, she'd already accomplished what most people could only dream of. First as a multiple-record-setting X-Games champion, and most recently as sole designer and president of her own clothing company, Grace was an icon for a generation. But on a fateful trip to Japan, Grace discovered that she was no ordinary person, but one of THE INNOCENTS. Blessed with unbelievable abilities, the Innocents are living embodiments of Yin and Yang and, unfortunately for Grace, somebody wants them DEAD. Written by Witchblade, Darkness and Aphrodite IX co-creator David Wohl and featuring the art of Bing Cansino and Haberlin Studios, THE INNOCENTS OGN features 80 pages of story, as well as special Bonus Materials only available in this format--including character bios, background information, behind-the-scenes coverage and a host of other features that truly makes this a totally new graphic novel experience.

$9.99 80 pages full color

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