EXCL. PREVIEW: Caden Park Must Unravel the Secret History of the DC Universe in The Immortal Men #3

The young Caden Park is about to find out why heroes and villains from across the DC Universe have recruited him into the Eternal War in CBR's exclusive preview of The Immortal Men #3.

James Tynion IV, Richard Friend and Ryan Benjamin begin to peel back the layers of Caden's family heritage when he's confronted by Harlem's Prohibition defender, the 136-year old Ghost Fist, who attempts to provide Caden with some answers to his many questions. Why are his parents dead? Why do his friends not remember he even exists? And what does it all have to do with The Batman Who Laughs and the Secret History of the DC Universe?

Below is the solicitation text for The Immortal Men #3 and CBR's exclusive preview:

The Immortal Men #3

  • Written by James Tynion IV
  • Art by Richard Friend and Ryan Benjamin
  • Covery by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • “THE END OF FOREVER” part three! The Immortal Men have risked everything to save the otherwise unremarkable teenager Caden Park. But neither Caden nor the immortal heroes who saved him know the crucial role he’s predicted to play in the upcoming war between the Immortal Men. So when the hero Reload falls into the horrifying hands of the Bloodless, Caden Park must learn the Secret History of the DC Universe, and the truth behind his family heritage—and fast—before the Batman Who Laughs has all his pawns in play!
  • 32 pages ....$2.99
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