PREVIEW: "The Darkness Level 2"

Official Press Release

The Darkness: Level 2

(W) Paul Jenkins and David Wohl (P) Tyler Kirkham

Welcome to the world of The Darkness. Somewhere in the depths of hell a lone British soldier is forced to relive his life over and over. He needs to take a hill that's controlled by the Germans but he can never make it. That is until he's helped in this Sisyphean task by a mysterious (and very powerful) helper - Jackie Estacado.

This special series, brought to you by The Darkness video game/comic scribe Paul Jenkins and The Darkness co-creator David Wohl, parallels the levels of the much anticipated video game by 2KGames, while bringing you original stories that show you a side of The Darkness you've never seen. Jenkins and Wohl are joined by rising star Tyler Kirkham, artist of Phoenix Warsong. These stand alone stories can be enjoyed without the video game, but add a new level to the playing experience!

Cover A) Stepjan Sejic painted cover

Cover B) Tyler Kirkham cover

Cover C) Dale Keown cover

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

Thanos #6

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