PREVIEW: Speakeasy's "Atomika" #3

Sal Abbinanti and Speakeasy Comics have provided CBR News with a five page preview of the June 1st shipping "Atomika" #3. Click the images below to enlarge. For more on "Atomika," click here.


Created & Penciled by Sal Abbinanti, written by Andrew Dabb, inked by Buzz, colored by Christina Strain and Beth Sotelo. Cover by Glenn Fabry.

Far beyond the shining boulevards of Moscow lies the wilderness, Siberia, home to beasts, half-men, dark, forgotten things, and the Golog; a massive prison, full of criminals, dissidents, freedom fighters and fools. Cursed men held tight in the icy grip of Morosko, the merciless frost god who feeds on their souls. But Atomika will tolerate no other deity in his kingdom. He comes for Morosko, and there on the barren tundra these two titans clash. While, far away, the Golog's prisoners watch, praying for salvation…or death. Featuring a cover by world-renowned painter Glenn Fabry (Preacher, Hellblazer

ATOMIKA #3 will be available in comic book stores everywhere on June 1st and is currently available for advance reorder through Diamond Comics under MAR053115 code. Still available for immediate reorder, ATOMIKA #1 NEW PRINTING (JAN052932) and ATOMIKA #2 (FEB053039). For more information on ATOMIKA please visit www.MercuryComics.com and www.SpeakeasyComics.com.

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