PREVIEW: 'Sojourn' #27

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This Wednesday, three of CrossGen's top titles hit: SOJOURN #27, ROUTE 666 #15 and SCION #39! And if you've ever wanted to try these series, each issue offers the perfect place to jump onboard!

Leading the charge is SOJOURN #27, which features the return of superstar artist Greg Land and kicks off a new story arc! Separated by a savage sandstorm and some terrifying trolls, our heroic trio is suddenly reunited...but something tells me that Arwyn the avenging archer isn't happy to see the thief known as Cassidy! Can the charming Gareth stop these fighting femme fatales...or will their quest to overthrow the malevolent Mordath end by their own hands? And even if they do make peace, what new threat awaits our troubled trio on the surging seas?

The recent $1.00 issue drove SOJOURN to its highest rank ever on the Top 100 list, and the creative team of writer Ian Edginton, penciler Greg Land, inker Jay Leisten, and colorist Justin Ponsor are pulling out all the stops to keep new readers hooked! So join the fast-paced fantasy on September 17th to find out why SOJOURN makes Wizard's "Picks" list every month!

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Bill Rosemann

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