PREVIEW: 'Silver Surfer' #1

Official Press Release

He has the appearance of the alien and the power of a god, and beginninglater this month the writing team of Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton andsoon-to-be superstar artist MILX will explore all the strangeness andmystery that entails with the debut of SILVER SURFER #1, a new ongoingseries premiering July 30th.

"In ancient times, the appearance of a shining silver humanoid in the skieswould have precipitated the founding of a new religion," says seriesco-writer Stacy Weiss. "And in a way that's the key to our conception of theSilver Surfer. He's unlike other superheroes ... he's not of this Earth, andwasn't raised here. He's an alien - and, to Dan and I, he's a god.

"And like any god worth his salt, the Silver Surfer's actions defy humanunderstanding. His manifestation in the real world inspires awe, which canbe awful or awesome, depending on your point of view. Most of our charactersare terrified. Our first arc is largely told from the perspective of amother whose daughter is kidnapped by the Silver Surfer in what may at firstappear to be a classic alien abduction scenario, but will unfold intosomething far more complex and intriguing as the story progresses."

SILVER SURFER #1, featuring a cover by Joe Jusko, goes on-sale 7/30 with acover price of $2.25, and retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off(FOC) is 7/10. Readers, ask your retailer to reserve you a copy!

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