PREVIEW: Secret Empire #0 Sets Up Captain America's Big Hydra Turn


"Secret Empire" is coming, and when it arrives, Captain America's secret Hydra allegiance will be revealed to the entire Marvel Universe. While Cap's treachery has been uncovered by a select few already, the majority of his heroic compatriots remains completely in the dark about Steve Rogers' true loyalties.

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All that changes on April 19, when "Secret Empire" #0 arrives and Cap's plans are finally brought out into the open. Today, Marvel has shared a seven-page preview of Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña's story, detailing the incident that will lead to Cap's secret being exposed.

“Last week, retailers were treated to an advance look at Secret Empire #0 in full," Marvel said in a statement. "Their feedback and responses to reading the kickoff issue have been great! Though the issue won’t be released until April 19th, many shop owners asked if Marvel could release a longer preview to share with fans and customers. With that said, we’re thrilled to present a new preview of Secret Empire #0, which retailers can also download from the Diamond Comics website. Retailers are strongly encouraged to check their orders, as Final Order Cutoff is today, March 27th.“

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“Secret Empire” debuts in April with Issue 0. Issue #1 arrives in stores May 3, three days ahead of Free Comic Book Day (May 6). The nine-issue event will conclude in August.

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