PREVIEW: "Se7en: Lust"

Zenescope Entertainment has provided CBR News with an advance look at issue #4 of their horror-thriller series, Se7en. When you're done checking out this exciting preview, stop by CBR's Indie Comics forum to discuss Se7en with fellow fans.

Se7en 4: Lust

Written by Christian Beranek and Adam Beranek Art by Steven Perkins

He claimed that his work would be followed. He claimed his work would be studied, and he claimed the lives of those who have sinned against God. One of the most terrifying killers in cinema history has returned after a decade long absence...

Visions of lust are everywhere he turns. So many that they make him sick to his stomach. It seems that the world no longer has any shame. It is a cesspool of whores and adulterers who live their life in Sin. It's to make one of the sinners an example the rest of the world can learn by. Follow John Doe as he hunts for another victim in his masterpiece of murder. His search brings him back to the sins of his own past and his will to overcome them. Follow John Doe into the world of Lust...

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