PREVIEW: 'Ruse: Archard's Agents' #1

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[Ruse: Archard's Agents]RUSE may have ended, but the allies and antagonists of detective SimonArchard continue to encounter action and mystery! This month, professionaladventurer Theophilus Dare joins an underwater expedition hunting the fabledlost city of Myrmoria...but is the smirking scoundrel secretly searching forother treasures? And who wants to steal the experimental submarine that Dareand his companions are traveling in? Find out on March 10th as writer ChuckDixon, penciler Steve McNiven, inker Tom Simmons and colorist CaesarRodriguez present RUSE: ARCHARD'S AGENTS -- DEADLY DARE!

Not only does this thrill-filled one-shot showcase the wonderful work ofSteve McNiven (penciler of Marvel's newly launched 4), but it also includesa look at Jim Cheung's amazing art in an eight-page preview of LADY DEATH:THE WILD HUNT #1!

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