Preview: Ross Campbell's <i>Shadoweyes</i>

As I mentioned in my interview with Ross Campbell yesterday, here's a preview of his new book Shadoweyes, which is due this summer from SLG Publishing. I promised the first nine pages, but actually I have ten of them for you.

"I'd always wanted to do a superhero comic, more along the lines of an anti-hero vigilante type thing, preferably with some elements similar to characters like Bob Budiansky's Sleepwalker and the live-action movie version of the Ninja Turtles, characters who weren't human and could never live in mainstream human society but who still defended people and fought for them anyway," Campbell told me. "A character who didn't put on a costume to fight crime, but whose body WAS the costume and could not be taken off, a hero who hadn't yet figured out what's right and wrong, and whose idea of right might end up being viewed as wrong by everyone else."


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