PREVIEW: Rogue #1

Painted cover by Julie Bell

Fiona Avery/Aaron Lopresti/Randy Emberlin

o THE LOWDOWN: The X-Men's Southern star soars solo!

o THE STORY: When Rogue joined the X-Men, they said they could help her, could make her a better person by understanding her powers. She's faced a fatal, brutal, mutant power, which must be controlled at all costs. The unanswered questions are: how do the X-Men actually help her? How does she cope with being a mutant with a terrible, potentially fatal power... does she view herself as a hero or a menace or a fraud? How does she cope with her fears of abandonment from her past experiences as an orphaned child? These questions, and others, will be addressed in the course of this series, which will see Rogue thrust into wildly different situations -- crises that will demand she learn how to trust herself, as well as others. Unencumbered by monthly continuity, this all-new adventure will give readers an in-depth portrait of one of Marvel's most popular characters!

o THE FORMAT: Each issue of this four-part, monthly limited series will be 32 pages, with ads.

7-59606-05112-0-00111 2.50

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