PREVIEW: "Rocketo" #2

"Where did Frank Espinosa come from? 'Rocketo' looks amazing."

That's CBR Columnist and Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen commenting in a recent column on "Rocketo," the Speakeasy Comics book that's been turning heads since it came out in mid-August. It's an epic adventure series the likes of which we haven't seen in comics for a long time, with a very unique design style. For more on the series, don't miss our interview with creator Frank Espinosa about the series.

After a one week delay due to a printing error, "Rocketo" #2 is set to hit stands this Wednesday, September 21st (the back cover was printed upside down so the release had to be put back a week, although a few of those misprints did make it into stores last week. Instant eBay collectible?). Speakeasy has provided CBR News with the first six pages from the series. Click any of the images below to launch the preview.

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