PREVIEW: Rich Johnston's "Civil Wardrobe"

It should come as a shock to no one that CBR's Rich Johnston likes to have a laugh. What some may not know is that while Johnston's been playing the dual roles of comics muckraker and, well,   comics bane , he's occasionally put his neck on the line in a third role: comics author. In stores today is Johnston's latest opus, the satirical "Civil Wardrobe."

The story begins in the basement of the parents of one of the Old Fanboy Warriors. The group has met to discuss what's wrong with the comics industry when they're blown up suddenly by a mysterious assassin. " As a result, Johnston explained in an interview with CBR's Arune Singh, "the President passes the Decompression Act, on the basis that if the Warriors' story had been decompressed, it could probably have stretched to at least six issues and a trade, giving them an extended lifespan. This splits the superhero community in two... as they start to redesign, revamp and rename to meet the challenge."

Johnston explained that "Civil Wardrobe" is a quite natural extension of LYING IN THE GUTTERS, his rumor column here at CBR, as it provides commentary on the trends of the mainstream comics industry. The profoundly unsubtle satire also provided Johnston with the opportunity to ask many of his favorite artists to contribute to his project. Featured in "Civil Wardrobe" is work by Kaare Andrews, Darick Robertson, Ashley Wood, Lea Hernandez, Mike Netzer, Mark Stafford, Frazer Irving, Billy Dallas Patton< Natalie Sandells, Sam Hart, Bevis Musson and more.

Johnson provided CBR News with this advance look at "Civil Wardrobe."





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