PREVIEW: "Red Menace" #1

Wildstorm has provided CBR News with an advance look at one of their most enticing new mini-series, "Red Menace." Gorgeously illustrated by Jerry Ordway, "Red Menace" is the politically-charged story the Eagle, a costumed hero fighting the gross machinations of Joseph McCarthy and his odious House of Unamerican Activities trials.

The writing team of Danny Bilson & Paul DiMeo, who write "The Flash" for DC Comics and also created the TV series as well as"The Rocketeer" screenplay, are joined at the keyboard by "OC" star Adam Brody. CBR's Robert Taylor, in an October edition of his REFLECTIONS series, spoke with Bilson & DiMeo about this unusual meeting of the minds, about which Bilson remarked, "Before 'Flash,' DC gave us a call and said 'You know what would be really fun? If you guys wrote a book with Adam.' I thought they were talking about an 'O.C.' book, but they were talking about an original.

"I called Adam and he said it would be fun. It was really a matter of us doing whatever we wanted, so we came up together with the 'Red Menace' concept together."

The first issue of "Red Menace" ships this Wednesday from DC Comics and Wildstorm Productions.



Written by Danny Bilson, Paul DiMeo and Adam Brody

Art by Jerry Ordway and Al Vey

Cover by Jerry Ordway

Variant Cover by Darwyn Cooke

Los Angeles, 1953: Home to bent cops, smooth criminals, and curvaceous starlets; where the glamour and wealth of Hollywood and Beverly Hills collide with the crime and grit of Chinatown. Amidst this startling contrast, American ideals are under siege by Joseph McCarthy and the H.U.A.C. trials, rooting out communist threats where ever they may lie - even in the ranks of the super heroic! Can there be any doubt about the loyalties of L.A.'s greatest and most patriotic hero, the Eagle? America is about to find out the hard way!

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