EXCL. PREVIEW: Jason Todd Goes Full Outlaw in Red Hood: Outlaw #27

Red Hood continues his outlaw ways in our preview of this week's Red Hood: Outlaw #27.

Jason Todd recently abandoned his old crew and his old ways, and writer Scott Lobdell and artist Pete Woods don't appear to be bucking the trend. However, with all these violent beatdowns courtesy of Jason Todd, how long is it before the whole world puts two and two together and realizes he's the Red Hood... and starts hunting him down?

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Check out the issue’s solicitation text and CBR’s exclusive preview below:


  • Cover by PETE WOODS
  • Variant Cover by YASMINE PUTRI
  • Everything changed for the Red Hood last issue. This time around, everything changes for Jason Todd! Devoid of partners and exiled from Gotham City, Jason gets a fateful message from the last person he expected to see again. The news he learns leaves him with no choice but to don the Red Hood mask once more and double down on his two-fisted crimefighting approach. Pray for whoever gets in Jason’s way as “The Outlaw” kicks into high gear.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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