EXCL.: Dark Magic & the UK Punk Scene Collide in Punk Mambo #1

Punk Mambo, the British voodoo priestess who debuted in the Valiant Universe in 2014, will return to headline her own series in 2019, and CBR has an exclusive preview of the black-and-white linework from Issue #1.

Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Adam Gorham, Punk Mambo will be one of four series to headline Valiant Entertainment's 2019 Breakthrough lineup. Valiant Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers called the forthcoming line the next step in Valiant's Universe, promising its only the beginning of what's to come: "These are extraordinary stories told by master storytellers, featuring comics’ most compelling villain, Toyo Harada; the main stage debut of Punk Mambo; the evolution of the future; and perhaps the scariest assembly of superspies the Valiant Universe has ever seen. I can’t wait to reveal what else is in store for 2019!"

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"Punk Mambo is the kind of woman who haunts the dark corners of the Valiant Universe," Bunn explained. "She walks a tightrope through the deepest of shadows – shadows that will devour you if they get half the chance. She looks into the abyss...and if the abyss dares to stare back, she spits in its eye. She's older than she appears. She's stuck outside of time. She's stuck outside of society. And that's how she likes it. She possesses great magical power, but she doesn't use that power in ways that the Greater Powers would prefer. This is the kind of edgy antihero that I love to write about, and when you throw in a heavy supernatural and horror angle, it just appeals to me all the more."

"Adam is having fun with this book, and it shows," he said. "We're drawing on a lot of real-world voodoo legends, urban legends from around New Orleans and Haiti, and Adam is giving these elements of the story their own unique look and feel. This is the kind of world-building that I love in comics, and I'm thankful to have such a terrific partner in crime."

Check out the issue’s solicitation text and CBR’s exclusive preview below:

PUNK MAMBO #1 (of 5)

  • Cover by CRIS DELARA
  • Dark magic, the UK punk scene and the Valiant superhero universe converge in this five-issue limited series, about a British voodoo priestess lurking just outside of New Orleans, who unleashes a supernatural adventure with equal parts terror and humor. Debuting in the 2014 digital exclusive comic, Punk Mambo #0 by Peter Milligan and Robert Gill, Bunn and Gorham look to bring Punk Mambo into the spotlight as a name to know in 2019.
  • In Shops: April 2019

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