PREVIEW: 'Punisher' #33

Official Press Release

Well, maybe not the entire Marvel Universe, but he could break its backbonebeginning in October's PUNISHER #33 when Marvel's big-guns Spider-Man,Daredevil and Wolverine get together to share their personal Punisher horrorstories and decide to form a posse to bring Frank Castle's killing spree toan end once and for all.

Later featuring an appearance by the HULK (but whose side is he on??), whatfollows is the 5-part story arc, "CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES", Garth Ennis' finaltour de force, Marvel Universe-blowout story arc before the writer launchesthe Mature Readers, PUNISHER MAX ongoing series in January 2004.

PUNISHER #33 [AUG03154], a 32-page issue written by Ennis, penciled by JohnMcCrea and featuring a cover by Tim Bradstreet goes on sale October 10thwith a cover price of $2.99. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off(FOC) date is Thursday, 9/18.

PUNISHER #34 [AUG031547], part 2 of "CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES" goes on sale10/22 and its Final Order Cut-off is 10/02. Readers, ask your local comicbook retailer to reserve you copies.

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