PREVIEW: "Public Enemy" #2

American Mule Entertainment has provided CBR News with an advance look at Public Enemy #2, the second issue of the celebrated hip-hop group's first-ever licensed comics series. CBR's Jonah Weiland spoke with creators Chuck D and Adam Wallenta about the series in May. In that in-depth interview, Wallenta explained that the book is a combination of fantasy and reality in which frontman Chuck D and Public Enemy face rogues including corrupt politicians and governments, crooked police, drug dealers, slave traders, and child molesters to high tech mercenaries and genetically engineered super soldiers.

[Public Enemy] have been in the trenches for twenty years fighting the good fight, said Walenta. Their real life adventures alone are more interesting than most fictional comic books. They have had ups and downs, successes and struggles and people relate to them on many levels as well as aspire to be like them. If you speak to the thousands of fans worldwide, you will hear tales of how Public Enemy's music and message helped change lives. It's really incredible. In many ways they are real life superheroes.

For those who have yet to read issue #1, click here to see our full-color thirteen page preview. For those who have, enjoy this look at Public Enemy #2!


Publisher: American Mule Entertainment

Issue: #2

Cover Price: $2.99

Creators: Chuck D and Adam Wallenta

Pages: 24, Full-Color

Release Date: December

The evil NEW WORLD ORDER has manipulated a series of events that have lead to the arrest of Chuck D and Flavor Flav and the capture of a young boy named Vincent who wields a mysterious power that they plan on using against their enemies in their quest for world domination. It is now up to Professor Griff and the S1W’s to free Chuck D and Flavor Flav from prison and get Vincent safely to their allies in the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. With the odds stacked against them, PUBLIC ENEMY must fight for their lives to escape a secret prison for political prisoners and clear their name as they struggle against the forces of oppression.

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