PREVIEW: "Princess At Midnight"

Fan-favorite cartoonist Andi Watson provided CBR today with a 25-page preview of his contribution to the "Best New Manga" anthology. Published by Constable & Robinson, the anthology contains over 500 pages of mangaka – Japanese-style comics produced by an international cast of creators. The book promises to showcase exciting new work by contributors including Michiru Morikawa, winner of the International Manga and Anime Festival's Grand Prize, Selina Dean (Sweatdrop), Asia Alfasi, and Craig Conlan.

Among the fifteen complete stories features in the anthology is Watson's "Princess At Midnight," a 50-page all-ages story about a little girl called Molly. Her waking life consists mainly of getting up in the morning to fight with her annoying twin brother Mitchell and attending tedious home-school classes and compulsory soccer practices led by her father. But in her dreams, Molly lives in a magical kingdom in which she is a princess and her high chancellor is a friendly dragon. When her enchanted picnic is crashed by a group of thugs from beyond the borders of her kingdom, Molly shoves diplomacy aside in favor of assembling her kingdom's first ever army, and develops a taste for war.

Previewed here are the first 25 pages of Andi Watson's "Princess At Midnight." The full story can be read in the Best New Manga anthology, released tomorrow, Wednesday October 17, 2006.

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