PREVIEW: "Pirates Of Coney Island" #2

Rick Spears' punk pirate series continues this week with "The Pirates Of Coney Island" #2, shipping Wednesday from Image Comics. CBR News spoke with Spears about the book back in August, when the author said "'The Pirates of Coney Island' is a riotous, teenage, romp through young love, car jacking and gang violence. [They're] are a gang of runaways that steal cars and generally terrorize Coney Island. Their rivals are the Cherries, a girl gang that is tying to move on the Pirates territory."

In this week's issue #2, principle pirate character Patch is hazed by the po-po. Image Comics provided CBR News with this advance look.



art & cover VASILIS LOLOS

variant cover BECKY CLOONAN

32 PAGES - FC - NOVEMBER 22 - $2.99

The cops bust Patch pick-pocketing the boardwalk but the Pirates sail to his rescue in their bad mother Pirate van! The cops give good chase but they are no match for Knievel's 3 GEARS OF REVERSE-- Oh, yeah! Then it's free food at a hot dog eating contest until the barfing starts. Can comics really be this awesome? Yep.

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