Preview Pages From IDW's Upcoming Release, All-Ghouls School!

The great Marc Sumerak (who I've featured a number of times on the blog for his great work for Marvel's various all-ages publications, like Power Pack, Marvel Adventures and Franklin Richards: Boy Genius) is doing an original all-ages graphic novel for IDW with artist David Bryant (colors by Hi-Fi) that is coming out in August called All-Ghouls School!

Read on to learn more information about the series (which Sumerak quickly describes as "Harry Potter meets Mean Girls") as well as see some exclusive preview pages from the series!

Here's the official description of the series:

Becca Norman has everything a high school Sophomore could ever want: beauty, brains, money, and popularity. But when she finds herself caught in the middle of a major cheating scandal, Becca's perfect little world comes crashing down around her! There's only one way to redeem herself -- by spending the summer at a creepy old boarding school called Darkmoor Academy. Too bad Becca doesn't realize that Darkmoor Academy is secretly a finishing school for young female monsters... and she's been selected as the school's first human student! Unfortunately, Becca's creepy new classmates aren't too happy to have a human lurking in their shadows either. At her old school, Becca was at the top of the food chain, but at Darkmoor she's no more than a midnight snack! Only with the help of some freaky new friends will Becca be able to unseat the school's queen of mean, Elle Diablo, and restore some order to the most chaotic classroom in history. And you thought Algebra was scary!

112 Page Graphic Novel; $19.99

Here are four preview pages (sans letters)...

Here are some places you can read more about the comic:


The ALL-GHOULS SCHOOL Twitter account: @AllGhoulsSchool

Marc Sumerak's personal website: http://www.sumerak.com

IDW's website: http://idwpublishing.com/

And for ordering info, you can check out:

Previews (All-Ghouls School has been "Certified Cool"): June 2011 catalog, Page 160. Item Code: JUN11 0464

Also, Amazon's ALL-GHOULS SCHOOL pre-order page.

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