Preview of 'Small Press: The Road to SPX' film at Pittsburg Con

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The Pittsburgh Comicon -- home to the Harvey Awards, one of the more important Retailer Expos, and a long-lived annual auction benefiting the Make-A-Wish foundation -- will host an exclusive preview of comics creator Rich Henn's film, Scenes from Small Press: The Road to SPX. The 20 minute preview will take place at 1 pm on Saturday, April 27th in the Monroe II room of the Pittsburgh Expomart, the home of the con, in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Henn will be attending the show to introduce the film, talk with those interested in the project, and in support of his ongoing comic series Timespell.

Asked to describe the film, Henn stated that, "over the course of the last year, I've been filming a documentary about the comic book industry, but leaning more heavily toward the self publishing aspect of the biz. The film covers the development of 3 self published titles, including Finder by Carla Speed McNeil and the Monkeysuit anthology by a group of NYC animators." Asked if this means that only those interested in independent books would be interested, the filmmaker said that he felt that anyone who was interested in comics and the art and ideas behind them would be interested in this presentation. "Throughout the course of filming, I've been able to get incredible interviews/footage with the likes of Joe Quesada, Frank Miller, Dave Sim, Colleen Doran, Dave Gibbons, Evan Dorkin, Charles Burns, Matt Wagner, Dean Haspiel, Jessica Abel and several others. It's been an incredible experience, and now finally the film is coming together."

Asked when he would be ready to unveil a final version of this labor of love, Henn laughed before noting that, "With over 30 hours of footage, I've still got to film the finale at SPX this September. The project would have been completed last year if not for 9-11, which caused the cancellation of SPX 2001. Still, I've been able to put together a preview for the 2002 convention season." Asked to provide some details of what the preview consists of, Henn said that, "The preview features some of the greatest highlights captured this past year, including a piece from Frank Miller's fabulous and now infamous Keynote speech at the Harvey Awards last year, plus clips of the interviews from Miller, Gibbons, Quesada, Doran and Sim. Also shown are scenes compressed from Carla Speed McNeil's development of Finder #24."

Scenes from Small Press: The Road to SPX will be shown at the Pittsburgh Comicon on Saturday, April 27th at 1:00 PM in the Monroe II. While there is no charge for this showing, aside from the usual con attendance fee, those who are interested in attending this premiere should note that there will be only the one showing, so they should be sure to show up early to be guaranteed a good seat for this event.

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