Preview of Marvel's 'NYX' #1

Monday afternoon Marvel Comics sent out the following preview of "NYX" #1, coming this October.

Professor Charles Xavier can't educate and provide a welcome home for everyyoung mutant in the world. His gift of creating hope from despair doesn'treach everyone who needs it, and that simple premise serves as the basis ofNYX, the long awaited and controversial new MARVEL PSR+ ongoing seriesdebuting October 10th, 2003.

Written by the Marvel Editor-in-Chief himself - Joe Quesada, and illustratedby exclusive Marvel creator and rising superstar Joshua Middleton, this newstreet-level X-Men series introduces a pack of New York City gutterpunks, a

"NYX" #3

group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything fromfood to shelter to love. Kids who instead of preparing for Magneto's nextbig assault in the Danger Room, must learn to survive in the cold, harsh,and dangerous world of the city that never sleeps - begging for change inWashington Square Park and finding a warm place to sleep in the PortAuthority bus station.

But while the cast of NYX will be the mutants who fall through the cracks ofXavier's dream, it won't be without its ties to the core X-MEN universe. ByDecember's NYX #3, readers will be introduced to a new character that isrelated to one of the most prominent mutants characters of all time. A veryclose blood relative to a current X-Man, and the Marvel Universe will neverbe the same...

NYX #1 (AUG031497), the 32-page debut issue of a new ongoing series, goes on sale October 10th with a cover price of $2.99 and a MARVEL PSR+ rating. Retailers are reminded its Final Order Cut-off (FOC) date is Thursday, September 18th. Readers, ask your retailer to reserve you a copy before the order cut-off date.

[note: As befitting a "Marvel PSR+" title, this preview contains mature themes and imagery.]

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