Preview of 'Avengers #56' cover, final Busiek issue

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I don't know about you, but I think there's just something cool about seeing"The Big Three" -- Captain America, Iron Man and Thor -- assemble as Earth'sMightiest Heroes. Apparently artist Luke Ross feels the same way, becausehis image for AVENGERS #56 is one of those classic covers that stands thetest of time!

[Avengers #56]AVENGERS #56

Cover by Luke Ross

Kurt Busiek (w)/Yanick Paquette (p)

Kurt Busiek ends his five-year run as writer, setting the stage for the debut of Geoff Johns (The Flash) next month! And Kurt's going out on a high note as the Avengers assemble to face an accounting of their actions!Guest-starring the Beast, She-Hulk, and USAgent!

On Sale July 31st (Order Cut-Off July 11th)

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