Preview of AdHouse's <i>Remake</i>

I saw this in AdHouse's email newsletter yesterday, and I checked with Chris Pitzer to see if I could repost it here ... AdHouse is publishing a book called Remake by Lamar Abrams in May that looks like a lot of fun ... per the solicitation copy:

Remake is 144 pages of silly action and crazy nonsense. Right now the story focuses on Max Guy, a robot boy who can't seem to stay out of trouble. He's got this gun called the >MAX BLASTER< that turns things into stuff. Max Guy likes: 1) blue skies, 2) video games and 3) bread pudding. Max Guy hates: 1) mean people, 2) getting beat up, and 3) crap. Tune in to see what the nextgen of comikers is creating!

Check out a preview after the jump ...


If you want to see more, Diamond has more pages, and there will be a nine-page preview in AdHouse's Free Comic Book Day comic.

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