Preview 'Noble Causes: Extended Family'

Next month sees the release of "Noble Causes: Extended Family," an 80 page one-shot from Image Comics that features stories about comics first family, the Noble's naturally, by some of the industry's top writers and artists. The full solicitation text of the issue can be found below.

This weekend Image Comics forwarded three pages to CBR News of the story by Phil Hester and Sean Murphy. Click the images below to enlarge and look for more on "Noble Causes: Extended Family" shortly.


(W) Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Jay Faerber, Phil Hester, Geoff Johns, John Layman, Gail Simone, Eric Stephenson, J. Torres, and Brian K. Vaughan

(A) Mitchell Breitweiser, Mike Hawthorne, Tim Levins, Brent McKee, Sean Murphy, Todd Nauck, Andres Ponce, Pat Quinn, and Anthony Williams

(Cover) Ian Richardson

FC 80pp $4.95 One-shot

In stores the week of May 28th

This Issue

* Some of the most respected names in comics team up with tomorrow's rising stars to craft short stories featuring the cast of the critically acclaimed Noble Causes!

* Find out what drove Gaia to leave the magical realm she called home in order to become a super-hero on Earth. By Jay Faerber and Mike (Three Days in Europe) Hawthorne

* Rusty has just been re-born in his robotic body -- and the press is tearing him apart. What can Rusty do to a reporter who is slandering his new lifestyle and pouring salt on his wounds? Make some wounds of his own! By Geoff (Avengers, JSA) Johns and Brent McKee

* Seeking some time away from her famous family, Zephyr discovers that sometimes the most perfect person you can talk to is someone willing to pretend you're not really you. By Eric Stephenson and Todd (Young Justice) Nauck

* Get a sneak peak at Image's new super-hero/medical series, STAT, and learn its surprise connection to the Noble family. By Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (Legion) and Anthony Williams

* Zephyr thinks it's time for Liz to get on with her life and start dating again, and has even gone to the trouble of fixing her up with an eligible bachelor. But what if Liz isn't ready to start dating again? Or, even more scary, what if she is...? By Brian K. (Y - The Last Man) Vaughan and Mitchell Breitweiser

* Gaia is forced to admit an awful truth to her children when Frost first shows his face during a family dinner. By J. (Sidekicks) Torres and Tim (Batman: Gotham Adventures) Levins

* Doc reflects on happier times, when he taught a very impetuous teenaged Race an important lesson about crime-fighting ... and life. By Phil (Firebreather, Green Arrow) Hester and Sean Murphy

* Race and Krennick's first meeting is chronicled, as Doc Noble launches an assault on Draconis' underworld. There, the two young sons are introduced to their destinies... and a legacy of hate. By John Layman and Pat Quinn

* The life of a tabloid photographer is hard enough, but what's it like when the subjects have super-powers? Ripped from today's trashiest headlines! -- By Gail (Agent X) Simone and Andres Ponce

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