PREVIEW: "New Thunderbolts" #13

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[New Thunderbolts 13]Get ready for an all-out super-hero brawl as the New Thunderbolts stomp the New Avengers in New Thunderbolts #13. This battle is sure to leave both teams in a bad way with long term ramifications for everyone involved.

"We wanted to kick-start our second year of New Thunderbolts with a big bang," says writer Fabian Nicieza, "so I asked editor Tom Brevoort if I could use the New Avengers. Justifiably wary, to see a hack like me dare muck with such success, Tom asked what I intended to do with the Avengers. I said, 'Have the New T-Bolts kick their butts in."

In a slugfest that should have fans of both teams salivating, the New Thunderbolts take the fight to the New Avengers on the orders of the Commission on Superhuman Activities. Since the New Avengers can't be accounted for or controlled, the government is ordering the T-Bolts to take them down.


"It's a perfect time for the two teams to meet and there is a very valid, simple and ugly reason why they fight," says Nicieza. "No pansy-wuss mind-control, just some good ol' fashioned blackmail and a smackdown featuring some fantastic Tom Grummett art -- the kind that shows all those little bits of teeth spraying from people's mouths."

"New Thunderbolts fans will absolutely love these issues in that same queasy way they root for and doubt the characters at the same time," teases Nicieza. "New Avengers fans will hate us for seeing their heroes have their boots handed to them, but they'll hate us even more for some of the surprise twists we throw into the storyline that could have long term ramifications for both teams."


Get ready for an instantly classic battle that sees Songbird square off against Captain America, Photon take on the Sentry, Atlas versus Cage, and more in the pages of New Thunderbolts #13.


Pencils and Cover by TOM GRUMMETT


FOC – 9/15 On Sale – 10/5/2005

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