PREVIEW: New Excalibur Take on the Old X-Men in "New Excalibur" #2

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A series of strange coincidences, including the near-death of Dazzler, has brought a new team of Excalibur together. But will they mesh as a unit in enough time to take down the original five X-Men with murder on their mind in the pages of New Excalibur #2?

Both critics and fans have floored by the incredible first issue of New Excalibur.

Hilary Goldstein of IGN.com says, "This is an excellent read and one of the week's best."

Comicfanatic.com says, "While not officially a team yet, Claremont's New Excalibur already has that unique team dynamic that works. I can't put it into words, but this issue gave me a good feeling. The feeling that told me…this is going to be good!"

Featuring an eclectic line-up of Captain Britain, Nocturne, Dazzler, Pete Wisdom, and Juggernaut, New Excalibur is once again England's premiere super-hero team. So why are the original X-Men outfitted in leather and trying to kill them?

"The five original X-Men are five of the most powerful mutants who ever lived," says editor Mike Marts. "Who are these five leather-clad copies strutting around England? And is that Professor Xavier standing up on the last page of New Excalibur #1? You're going to have to read and find out. Needless to say, Captain Britain and friends are going to have their hands full."

After the shocking first issue where the original X-Men nearly succeeded in killing Dazzler, the New Excalibur are going to have to learn to trust each other or these murderous Children of the Atom are going to rip them to shreds.

Don't miss New Excalibur #2 as Decimation continues to spread throughout the X-Universe.


Written by Chris Claremont

Pencils & Cover by Michael Ryan


FOC - 11/17, On Sale - 12/7

NEW EXCALIBUR #1 Still available at most retailers.

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