PREVIEW: Neal Adams' "Giant Size X-Men" #3 Story

Next Month Marvel will celebrate the 30th anniversary of 1975's "Giant Size X-Men" #1 and #2 with, appropriately, "Giant Size X-Men" #3, a massive collection of some of the X-Men's greatest team-ups including the X-Men tangling with the Fantasit Four in "Fantastic Four" #27 (July 1964), the Mighty Avengers guest-starring in "X-Men" #9 (January 1964) and Spider-Man in "X-Men" #35 (August 1967)!

The real gem in this issue, though, is an all new X-Men story written by "Astonishing X-Men" scribe Joss Whedon with art by comics legend Neal Adams. Marvel's released a handful of preview images to whet your appetite until the June 8th release date. Click the image's below to enlarge.


Featuring Classic Reprints by STAN LEE, JACK KIRBY & WERNER ROTH

All new story written by JOSS WHEDON and illustrated by NEAL ADAMS

New Cover by NEAL ADAMS

80 Pgs

Marvel PSR


Retailer FOC 5/17/2005, On Sale 6/8/2005 MAR051919

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