PREVIEW: 'Namor' #1

Official Press Release

Heard any good NAMOR news stories lately?? Marvel's new April-debutingongoing series may have gotten off to an eventful and notorious start in itspublishing life, but with superstar artist Salvador Larroca now firmlyinstalled as penciler, and guided by co-writer's Bill Jemas and Andi Watson,NAMOR is poised to be one of 2003's most unexpected, and surprising newtitles. And with a cover price of just 25-cents for NAMOR #1, every comicfan can be in on the surprise.

"Namor #1 has surpassed everyone's expectations on every level," said editorC.B. Cebulski. "Salva has crafted an undersea world that is mesmerizing tolook at. Mixed with Danny Miki's fine inks and J.D. Smith's amazing colorpalette, Prince Namor's Atlantis kingdom truly comes alive. The charactersand action flow off the pages into the hands of the reader.

"Bill and Andi have also granted us a wonderful peak into the life of youngNamor. Readers see him start as a mischievous young boy and follow him intomanhood, giving us a candid look into Namor's youth that rings true with theSub-Mariner of today that fans know and love. We're drawn into his life inAtlantis and the personal relationships that shaped him into the fiery herohe is today."

NAMOR #1 by Bill Jemas & Andi Watson and Salvador Larroca goes on sale April30th with a cover price of just 25-cents, and retailers are reminded it'sFinal Order Cut-off date is Thursday, April 10th. Namor #2 goes on sale May21st! Readers, ask your retailers to reserve you a copy!

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