Preview: Morse's 'Elektra: Glimpse & Echo #1'

[NOTE: For more on this story, check out CBR's interview with Scott Morse from March 11th where he talks about "Elektra: Glimpse & Echo."]

Official Press Release

Hey, True Believer!

This is a time of phenomenal artistic freedom here at Marvel. All sorts ofinteresting creators are dropping by The House, and the results are projectsas distinct and unique as the artists themselves. Take, for instance,ELEKTRA: GLIMPSE & ECHO, a new Marvel Knights miniseries that's set to leapoff the shelves on July 17th. Written and fully-painted by Scott Morse(Ancient Joe, Magic Pickle), this four-part adventure presents a moody lookat the sexy assassin as she is drawn towards the mysterious death of a bluesmusician. As you can see from the art, this story -- like ELEKTRA ASSASSINbefore it -- will provide a lush look at everyone's favorite femme fatale!

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Marvel Marketing Communications Manager

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