EXCL. PREVIEW: The Queen is Desperate for Allies in Mera: Queen of Atlantis #4

Mera is short on allies, and that means she might have to put her trust in some less-than-reputable characters -- including her ex-husband Nereus -- in our preview of next week's Mera: Queen of Atlantis #4.

Writer Dan Abnett and artist Lan Medina team up for part four of this six-issue miniseries, but even though the spotlight's on Mera, there's still the matter of a certain Ocean Master that's cause for concern. Has his love for his family helped shape Orm into the kind of man Mera can actually trust? Or will he simply turn his back on her when the time is right?

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Check out the issue’s solicitation text and CBR’s exclusive preview below:


  • Dan Abnett (w) • Lan Medina (a)
  • Cover: Nicola Scott
  • Desperate for a new ally in the fight for the soul of Atlantis, Mera turns to her ex-husband Nereus, the king of Xebel! But even after winning his favor in a deadly clash, can someone like Nereus ever be trusted? And what of Ocean Master's promise to return to the surface? Is there anyone Mera can trust?
  • Rating: T
  • In Shops: May 23
  • SRP: $3.99

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